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What Does A Career In Roofing Look Like?

Key Takeaways:

  • A career in roofing is an excellent choice for those who have yet to gain experience.
  • The roofing industry is growing rapidly and is expected to continue for the next decade.
  • As the population continues to grow, more houses and buildings will be needed to accommodate everyone, which creates a high demand for roofers.
  • Roofing is a skilled trade that can’t be automated, meaning there will always be a need for qualified roofers.
  • Roofing is a great career choice for those looking for stability and good pay.
  • It’s a challenging and rewarding profession that offers a variety of work environments.
  • It’s an excellent career if you enjoy working outdoors.
  • The seasonal job means you’ll have plenty of free time during the off-season.
  • You can use the slower times to brush up on your roofing skills by taking some classes or attending workshops.

If you seek a challenging, exciting career that pays well, consider becoming a roofer! Roofing is a great profession that offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. We’ll discuss the skills and training required to become a roofer and the benefits of choosing this career path. After reading this blog post, you will know everything about choosing a career in roofing!

You Don’t Need Any Experience to Start a Career in Roofing

One great thing about a career in roofing is that you don’t need any experience to get started. If you’re an adult, apply for an apprenticeship with a roofing contractor. During your apprenticeship, you’ll learn on-the-job training and receive classroom instruction in safety, blueprint reading, and roofing systems.

Apprenticeships typically last three to four years, and upon completion, you’ll be a journeyman roofer. Journeyman roofers earn a median salary of $39,000+ per year, which is an excellent starting salary for any career. And, if you continue your education and become a master roofer, you can earn an even higher salary.

Roofing is a great career choice for many reasons. It’s a well-paying job with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Plus, it’s a job that you can take pride in, knowing that you’re helping to protect people’s homes and businesses.

Roofing is a Growing Industry

The roofing industry is expected to grow by over 10% in the next decade. This growth is due to the increased construction of new homes and buildings. As the population grows, more houses and facilities will be needed to accommodate everyone. It means that there will always be a need for roofers.

Automation Can’t Replace Roofing Services

One of the concerns that some people have about the future of work is that automation will eventually replace many human jobs. While this may be true for some industries, it’s not a concern for those in the roofing industry. Automation can’t replace roofing services because they require a high degree of skill and precision.

This is good news for those considering a career in roofing. Even as automation becomes more prevalent in other industries, roofing will still require the human touch. It means that there will always be a need for qualified roofing professionals.

Continue to Gain Knowledge with Time

When you enter the roofing industry, you’ll never stop learning. New technologies and methods are constantly being developed, so staying up-to-date with the latest advancements is essential. This will help you to be the best roofer possible and provide your customers with the best possible service.

You can gain knowledge in several ways, including taking courses, reading trade publications, and attending conferences. Many online resources can be beneficial. The most important thing is always to continue learning and expanding your skills.

Enjoy a Variety of Work Environments

No two roofing jobs are the same, so you’ll never get bored with your work. You will work in various urban and rural environments. You could work on a small residential project one day and a large commercial one the next. This variety will keep your work interesting and keep you engaged. Each job will present unique challenges, keeping you on your toes and helping you grow as a roofer.

Help People Protect Their Biggest Investment

Your work as a roofer helps people protect their most significant investment – their home. A sense of satisfaction comes with knowing you’ve helped someone keep their home in good condition and protected from the elements.

Excellent Job Security

There’s always a need for roofers, so you can enjoy excellent job security when you enter this career. It’s a recession-proof profession, so you don’t worry about losing your job during an economic downturn. In fact, during tough economic times, many people invest in home improvement projects instead of buying new homes, so there’s even more work available for roofers, which is very reassuring in today’s economy.

Work Outside

If you love working outdoors, then a career as a roofer is perfect for you. You’ll get to spend your days in the fresh air, and you won’t be stuck in an office all day long. Roofing is physically demanding, so you’ll need to be in good shape. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll love the workout you get from the roofing. For many people, working outdoors is one of the best parts of the job.

Work Seasonally

Another great thing about roofing is that it’s a seasonal job. It means you’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy your hobbies and spend with your family during the off-season. You can also use the slower times to brush up on your roofing skills by taking some classes or attending workshops. And when spring and summer roll around again, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off with work. This can be a great way to balance your work and life commitments.


A Rewarding Career

A career in roofing is challenging and rewarding, offering plenty of growth opportunities. Roofing is a perfect choice if you seek a stable job with good pay and lots of perks. You can easily become a skilled roofer in high demand with training and hard work.


Roofing can be physically demanding, but a roofing career is also very rewarding. You’ll get a sense of satisfaction from completing each project and knowing that you’ve helped protect people’s homes or businesses. You’ll also develop strong muscles and increase your stamina as you work.

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