Restorations (flood/fire claims)

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If you’re tired of working for others, then it’s time to be your own boss! You can work as much or little as you wish, while making enough money to live a better life. Could a damage restoration services business be the opportunity you have been searching for?

A Fire and Flood Damage Restoration business offers residential and commercial clients property restoration services, which may often be required after a fire, flood, or other natural disasters. It is a $4 billion industry right now and growing.

The business opportunity with RKG Roofing & Construction Recruiting is a great way to start your own Damage Restoration Services business. We have years of experience in flood and fire damage restoration, which means we know what it takes to succeed! You just need to follow our lead and learn the skills to achieve your dreams.

Why Do Damage Restoration with RKG Roofing & Construction Recruiting?

  • Build a recession-resistant business and reduce uncertainties about the future.
  • The potential for unlimited earning is what makes our company so great. You won’t be limited by how much you can sell, only by your imagination and hard work!
  • No experience? No problem! We make sure you have the skills necessary for success. We provide you comprehensive training so that your business can be successful with no experience needed!

Start you damage restoration services business today!