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Amazing Trends In Azle: Bathroom Designs For Fall ’22!

Fall is a time for change & every roofing contractor will understand that. Many homeowners usually plan a renovation project before & around fall because not only then is the weather bearable in Texas, but there is a certain thrill of having a spruced-up home as winters approach. One area where renos feel great is the bathrooms, which is why you will find many designs & styles trending on the market.

Speaking of bathroom designs for renovation, if you intend to give your bathroom a fresh new look, our ideas are sure to inspire you.

In this article, RKG Roofing and Construction Recruiting will go over bathroom design trends for the fall season. For more on what’s new in bathroom designs, keep scrolling!

Trend 1: Fixture Fashion

Top on our listicle is the new fashion in fixtures. Antique brass, meet matte black. This new finish is having a moment in the design world, and they’re perfect for giving your bathroom a modern makeover.

Opt for fixtures with gold accents if you want to add a luxury touch to your space. And if you prefer to keep things simple, clean lines and minimalist hardware are always in style.

Trend 2: Wonders of Wallpaper

Bold wallpapers are coming back, and we see them everywhere, from bedrooms to kitchens. And the bathroom is no exception!

Whether you choose a floral print or geometric pattern, pick a design that complements the rest of your space. Keep the edges soft and curvy with the cabinets and arched mirror details, or go for a more urban look with black and white tile.

Trend 3: Spa Surprises

As we appreciate our bathrooms more as retreats and comfort spaces, we see an uptick in features that breathe spa aesthetics.

Freestanding tubs are becoming more popular as they offer a sleek and stylish look. Adding a rainfall showerhead is another way to give your bathroom the feeling of a personal spa.

Trend 4: Neat and Natural

Another popular trend we’re uncovering is bringing nature inside the bathroom. You can explore that in a few ways, such as adding plants or using natural materials.

Adding a pop of greenery is a terrific way to make your bathroom feel more like an oasis. If you’re looking for something a tad bit more permanent, consider using stone or wood accents in your design.

Trend 5: Marble Moments

White marble is one material we can’t get enough of lately.

This luxurious material can be used in several ways, from flooring and countertops to backsplashes and accents. If you want to make a statement, white marble is the way.


Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation or just a few updates, these trends are sure to inspire. If you’re considering joining a roofing business to dispense info on immaculate renovations to clients, check out RKG Roofing and Construction Recruiting for more details.

We’re here to gear you up on what trends suit your house’s style best and get your bathroom on par with the latest fixtures, styles, designs & accessories in Azle, TX

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